We’ve provided top-class qualitative recruitment services for many of the UK’s biggest brands for over 20 years. Whether it's Focus groups, IDIs , Workshops or any other qual methodology, our expertise enables us to meet the needs of clients, moderators and respondents alike.

We'll listen closely to your requirements and always find the best techniques to support your project.

Understanding your goals

The best way for Zest to support, is to fully understand the aims of the study. What is it that you want to test? What do you hope to learn? Who is the product or service intended for?


All questions we will discuss with you during the project kick off briefing, ensuring perfect alignment.

Identifying Consumers

Zest blends new and traditional approaches, leveraging the vast reach of social media and never forgetting the power of face-to-face connection.

We work with you to create engaging recruitment screeners that capture all the right information. to identify perfect consumers for your study.

Quality Control

Our meticulous quality control runs through all we do – from initial screening to re-confirming key criteria to using our ‘gut feel’ for genuine, articulate participants.

​The best products and services begin with a great understanding of consumer needs, so this is a key stage in identifying your perfect consumers, helping us put the voice of the customers at the heart of developing your proposition.

After Project Care

Once your project is complete, our job is not yet done. Zest will perform final checks to ensure all parties are happy and the finer details are taken care of.  

Think; organising return or destruction of surplus product, follow up queries on that really interesting piece of feedback, and of course swift remuneration for respondents.

Great insight begins with great fieldwork – respondents, venues and perfectly run interviews. It makes projects run smoothly, gives final outputs their character. You wouldn’t dispute this yet how often have you had to make do with second rate?

Our Expertise


Central Location Testing

Central location testing is perfect for products which require a controlled environment, something that we pride ourselves on delivering


Home user testing

In home user testing is a great tool for testing your products in the environment .they would naturally be used - the home .



We help to run online communities , with groups of highly engaged people, getting you closer to your customer and providing you with the feedback & content you need.