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Sometimes speaking to a customer just once isn’t enough. Perhaps you want a consistent viewpoint on iterations of a developing concept, a view on how in store changes impact shopper experience over time, or have a large number of a similar product category to test.

We help to run online communities from 1 week to 2+ years, with groups of highly engaged people, getting you closer to your customer and providing you with the feedback & content you need.


Photos, video tasks and traditional feedback surveys are all typical touchpoints with consumers, but what is the optimal way to collect this feedback? Simple solutions that utilise apps that consumers use in their daily lives such as WhatsApp can be great, but there are times when more a tailored platform is needed.

We will work with you to come to the best solution, and organise this for you. Of course if you already have a feedback platform we are more than happy to utilise that.


The key to the success of communities is finding the perfect balance of touchpoints with community members.


Leaving a community dormant for too long can mean members lose interest and become disengaged, but too many and they can feel overwhelmed. 

Zest will not only manage task delivery, but will find the perfect balance, touching base with members in a personal manner, to ensure community member feels valued, and remain engaged throughout.

Community Output

Online communities can produce vast amounts of imagery, video content and survey data. Which of course is a great outcome, but can take time to pull together into workable formats. So why not let Zest do the heavy lifting

With in house support ranging from data tables to video editing, Zest can do as much or as little as you need.

Follow Ups

We know that needs can change quickly. We continue to engage with respondents to keep the relationship open, so whilst the community may have officially come to a close, those follow up questions that crop up later down the line you wish you’d asked – can be.

We take care of all permissions and data protection requirements so that no burning questions remain unanswered

Our Community Work

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