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Our research facility, The White Rooms, is based in St Albans and offers the perfect mix of modernity and comfort. Hostesses are on hand at all times and deliver the very highest standards of service.

We have a range of rooms which, in combination, provide the perfect venue for focus groups, workshops and meetings.

Why The White Rooms?

Designed by researchers for researchers, The White Rooms sweeps away all the frustrations we had with other facilities. It has the latest tech plus good old-fashioned hospitality. Our friendly staff can meet the needs of moderators, viewers and respondents almost before they know what these are!


Crucially, we never forget that the whole experience is about helping you get the best insights.   

The White Rooms

Space to think,

talk, listen

To have our own viewing facility is a massive advantage for Zest and you. To keep everything in-house gives us complete control of the details that add up to great qualitative sessions. It means the expert flavour that distinguishes all of Zest’s work isn’t diluted one drop.


The White Rooms is based in St Albans, just 20 minutes from Central London and close to the M25 and M1. It features a range of spaces, big and small, business-like and intimate. It’s the perfect venue for focus groups, workshops and meetings, and blends relaxing comfort with energising modernity.

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