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Customer Closeness


Many claim to have the customer at the heart of their business, but very few genuinely achieve it. 

Connecting clients with customers is what we are all about. We help to immerse you in the lives of your customers, helping you to develop a deeper  understanding of how they think, act and feel.

With numerous long term customer closeness programmes under our belt, we connect you with genuine customers, helping to shine a light on their world. But more importantly how you fit into that world.

Tailored Programme

Like your customers needs, no one size fits all with an approach to customer closeness. 

Yes there are many transferable elements, and approaches which we can discuss. But to truly embed a customer closeness programme in your business it must be tailored to feel natural.

We work with you to come to the best solution, and embed the process in your business.

Reaching far and wide

By adopting a mixed approach to customer recruitment, we help you speak to customers no matter where they are.


The vast reach of social media provides a huge base of potential customers around the country. But sometimes the personal touch is needed in more remote locations. With a local network of on the ground recruiters, we find customers wherever you need them,

Booking System

For many the success of a customer closeness programme is in the ease of access.

We set up customised booking systems, that allow you and your colleagues to book time in with specific customer types, in specific locations at the click of a button. 


But we are flexible and do love to talk, so a simple email or phone call is equally welcomed.

On the day

We know that it can be stressful meeting a customer for the first time. Simply finding them can be a challenge if you don't know what they look like, and how about starting up the conversation? 

Prior to the session, we provide an in depth profile of your customer, including a photo to help you pick them out the crowd.


We also include some 'ice breakers' to help get things started and ensure you get the most out of your time together.

“I really enjoyed working with Zest as they kept me fully informed during the recruitment process and handled the incentives, which is an added bonus! However, even more importantly, the participants were well recruited and fully met my criteria. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again..”

Gail Valentine, Insights and Innovations, DCT Media

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