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Senior Project Manager

Brief Bio: A true Londoner through and through, Reece is accustomed to the fast paced lifestyle that the city brings. This has allowed him to adjust to our dynamic nature as an agency and thrive creating and managing our marketing endeavours through the use of an inbound and content marketing based strategy.


Zest Strength: Reece is a people’s person able to think abstractly about problems and then create, plan and organise concrete solutions.


& the Zest is history: Having graduated with a BA honours in Marketing and Advertising Management, Reece gained experience working in the food ingredients and education technology industry before joining the Zest team in 2018.



Project Manager

Brief Bio:


A thrill seeker, Emily is used to putting herself in high pressured situations from zip lining to shark diving. With a focused mind she approaches all aspects of her personal and project management career with high energy and effectiveness.


Zest Strength:


Emily is one of our project managers. She uses her clear communication to ensure projects are completed on time and hit all requirements set by clients.


And the Zest is history:


With a BA hons in Graphic Design, Emily’s creative mind has seen her work in both management and strategic roles within a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to theatre and the arts.

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