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Heinz Beanz Burgerz CLT

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Helping to refine a Heinz' plant based offering with a good old fashioned taste test!

Heinz are a renowned household favourite with products in almost every kitchen cupboard or fridge across the country. The rise of plant based alternatives on our supermarket shelves has been evident in recent years, and Heinz were keen to stay one step ahead by testing one of their new Beanz Burgerz with us!

The challenge was to help Heinz nail down the perfect flavour profile for each of the three Burgerz they were looking to release.

Challenge accepted!

Zest set up the perfect central location test (CLT) in the heart of London and welcomed over 120 testers over two days to sample the different flavoured burgers, cooked fresh for each round of testers and provide their feedback in the moment, while trying the products.

This required a location which could cater for our needs to host testers comfortably in a relaxed setting, with professional standard kitchens on site to cook and serve the testers. Ensuring the products arrived with testers at the perfect temperature.

We were able to utilise a space which housed two kitchens, meaning we could cook the first batch of Burgerz in time for the tester’s arrival, have the next batch perfectly timed for when they finished their first round of feedback, and allowing the last burger to be ready in perfect time to close out the research.

While testers sampled each burger, our team were on hand to assist them with the feedback survey conducted on a tablet at their table.

A successful Trial

The results of this research were valued by Heinz and resulted in changes to their recipe. They were able to fully refine one product but the feedback we had obtained called for follow up research to make final tweaks to two of the Burgerz flavours.


After a great experience on the first trial, the Zest team were commissioned to undertake a second stage, providing the feedback needed to create the market ready product.

Our Experience

This was a really rewarding project to work on, and the team were pleased to see the final products on supermarket shelves when out shopping. It’s always great to see a product that you’ve directly helped get to market!

If you have a product which would benefit from feedback direct from your consumers, then why not get in touch to see how Zest can help?

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