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Long-Term Community Engagement: Facing the Challenge
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A key part of helping brands stay in-tune with what their customers want, is just that – the customers. However, it can be tough to balance a data driven approach whilst maintaining meaningful engagement with a long-term community panel – this is where Zest steps in. 

In 2020, Kokoro Global reached out for support in recruiting and managing a selfie video community. Running each week, this community aimed to better understand the mood of the nation as we navigated through COVID and beyond. 

Two years later, this panel has now grown to become Kokoro’s longest running community – with a panel designed to represent the UK population in different aspects such as gender, age, and region. 

Not only does Zest manage all aspects of fieldwork each week, making sure that Kokoro receives the best quality feedback and insights from the community – we also work to keep the panel engaged week on week, meaning we can hear from consistent viewpoints throughout the project, with the majority those being the same who first joined the panel when it started in 2020.

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