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The Score Video Community

Understanding the mood of the nation through Covid and beyond
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A key part of helping brands stay in-tune with what their customers want, is just that – the customers. However, it can be tough to balance a data driven approach whilst maintaining meaningful engagement with a long-term community panel – this is where Zest steps in. 

The Challenge

In 2020, Kokoro Global reached out for support in recruiting and managing a selfie video community. Running each week, this community aimed to better understand the mood of the nation as we navigated through COVID and beyond. 


The brief was to understand the mood of the nation whilst navigating through the challenge of a lifetime, Covid 19, in order  to understand how this challenging time affected consumers lives, mood and shopping habits in order. 

A nationwide view

Zest recruited participants from around the country using a mixed recruitment approach that resulted in a panel designed to represent the UK population in different aspects such as gender, age, and region. 

Welcome to the Zest family

To make sure that Kokoro receives the best quality feedback from the community, we have worked to build a real and genuine relationship with each person on the panel;  whether it’s having a natter about a big life event that they have coming up, or picking up on when they’re feeling a bit low.


We make sure that each respondent feels like this community is a place where they can be real about how they’re feeling – especially on those weeks where we needed to tackle some pretty tough topics. After all, no one wants to be open with a robot on the other side of a screen! 

Another plus of our friendly community approach is that in doing this, we have also been able to increase respondent retention – meaning that the current panel is largely made up of respondents from back in 2020 , when the project first started!


This has further benefitted Kokoro, as they are now able to track individuals back over the last 2 years, which is invaluable when monitoring consumer emotion. 

Heavy lifting 

Aside from ensuring that Kokoro only gets the best feedback from our panel, we also help with other aspects of fieldwork; whether it’s ensuring that videos are recorded in the best format with the right lighting and audio, handling all payments swiftly, or ensuring that videos are always returned to us well ahead of deadlines. This means that we can take away any fuss and stress of day-to-day running of the community, freeing them up to focus on what they do best – consumer insights! 


Two years later, this panel has now grown to become Kokoro’s longest running community helping to establish The Score as a trusted resource for some of the nations largest brands.


If you would like to find out more on setting up, and managing a community of engaged respondents then why not get in touch to see how Zest can help?

Zest are masters at management and collaboration. Zest have an incredible knack of working closely with you without ever getting in the way – they are totally by your side. Our community has run for over 2 ½ years now, on a weekly basis, with out-of-this-world engagement. Zest have a feel for top quality and a real human-touch that makes me and my respondents feel great.

Laura Gillespie, Director, Kokoro Global

Hear from some of our 'The Score' Community

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