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Home User Testing 

What better way to understand and solve your customers challenges, than to observe them using your products in the environment in which they would naturally be used.  


But finding the right customers, shipping products, collecting products and gathering feedback can be a challenging and time consuming feat without the right tools.


Zest has years of experience delivering successful home user trials, and as a result has a toolkit in place to take the stress away. 

Perfect Packaging

One of the most frustrating things on a HUT can be when you have great consumers ready to test your product, but the items don’t arrive as intended and start the consumer off in a negative way. 

At Zest we hand pick the perfect packaging for each trial to ensure products arrive optimal condition ready to test. All packaging used is selected with your product in mind. Protective, temperature controlled, 100% recyclable.


So now we have testers lined up and the perfect packaging identified, but how do products get to our testers?


We understand that each product will benefit from a different method of placement; whether via courier, hand delivered by the Zest team or collected from a venue we will identify and organise the best approach, agreed before the trial begins.

Test Set Up

Do products need blinding for the trial? A feedback survey scripted? Zest has it covered. Product or equipment procurement?  Zest has it covered.

Zest is more than a fieldwork provider. We are your project management partner, doing all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

**Don’t worry, we’re equally happy to use your survey if you already have one

“Success is not delivering a feature, it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem” Eric Ries

Test Instructions

Before getting started, each tester is given a verbal briefing to ensure the process is understood and any questions answered.


To ensure everything is understood, simple but detailed test instructions are included with each test pack providing additional information for ongoing support.


This ensure no tester is unable to complete a trial due to unanswered queries. 

The Trial

During the trial it is key to keep testers engaged, updated and all questions answered.


Your dedicated project manager will perform daily checks throughout the study to make sure all testers are completing tasks and have a platform to not only ask questions, but to provide additional feedback that study questions may not ask. 


With a fabulous in house teams of data analysts, scientists and visualisation experts, Zest can help paint the picture you need from each trial.


Another touch that helps us put the Zing in your Amazing.

“We had a great first experience of using Zest, the staff were really accommodating, friendly and helpful. Their White Rooms viewing facility is great and felt comfortable. Looking forward to using it again!.”

Kal Sutcliffe, Consumer Insights Manager, SharkNinja

Our HUT Work

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