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The importance of the right product packaging

Have you ever had a product damaged or leaking before reaching its destination?

We all have horror stories, opening your parcel to see your item cracked or in thousands of pieces. Product trials carry the same risks and can even damage participants' initial impression of the item.

Don’t despair, we are here to help and take care of all the finer details to ensure products arrive fresh and crack-free.

The packaging journey with Zest Fieldwork

When we are approached by clients to carry out in-home testing for a product, we go through a specific journey to ensure we provide the best possible service.

Information is key

Before we receive your product for testing, the first thing we do is gather as much information as possible. This information includes specifics regarding sizing and your unique needs.

For example, does the product need to be kept at a certain temperature? Are there liquids within the product? Will there be any logistical challenges that we can foresee? We consider all these aspects and more.

Before sending out your product

Once we receive your product for testing, we will assess your packaging again. We consider if the product will be safe while it is being delivered to our participants, and we think about any re-packaging or additional packaging that needs to happen.

As mentioned above, first impressions are important. So, we do all we can to ensure your product is in the best shape before we send it off for in-home testing.

Product delivery

We care deeply about the work that we do, which is why each package that leaves us is important. We ensure that delivery is organised correctly, and we consider our client’s needs – such as when the project is due to start and when you would like the product to arrive.

Next, we think about our participants. Are they going to be at home when their delivery arrives? Is there an alternative address that we should send the product to? These are all considerations we make before sending off your products.

Before we send products off for in-home testing, we ensure they are well-protected to avoid any damage. When we deal with appliances, for example, we ensure the packaging is strong enough to support the product and can be carried around easily.

We have worked hard to build relationships with reliable delivery services so that every package we deliver is done so safely.

A snapshot of our in-home product testing

We have run hundreds of in-home product testing projects over the past few years and have seen great success, especially regarding product packaging feedback.

For one of our latest projects, we worked with Shark, a vacuum manufacturer, to test their latest model whilst also working with Ipsos on the testing of their products.

Both clients have different needs, with Shark needing quick turnaround, the addition of collateral, and weight management. Whilst Ipsos requires extra protective packaging with temperature control – all of which we’ve handled from A to Z!

In-home product testing is one of the most effective ways to gather data and insight that you can use to improve your product before it goes to the market. By ensuring your packaging is as attractive and effective as possible, we ensure that the right first impression is created with each respondent who receives your product. Visit our website to get in touch – we’d love to tell you more about in-home product testing.


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