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How we can help with your upcoming community research?

The idea of building a community can sound daunting, but with the right guidance and know how this can be a seamless process filled with insightful rewards.

This where Zest steps in!

We have experience creating niche groups of 10 – 20 and larger communities with up to 60+ participants. Each one requires a different engagement and strategy to execute flawless results. Sometimes that involves daily tasks, videos, photos, and relationship building to get the best insight. We believe that the more you put into a community, the more you get out of it.

Market research is an ever changing world. We embrace the new technology and trends to appeal to audiences. With technologies like WhatsApp, social media and online platforms such as Indeemo we can easily engage with a target audience, making things user-friendly for them and easy for you to report results.

What's the benefit of running a community?

Compared to other research methods, communities allow us to see and monitor trends over a timeline, observing how people's needs and requirements change and find out what journeys and expectations they might have. Communities can last days, weeks and even years providing you build steady, honest relationships with each individual. A longer community is always best as this allows you to see how opinions, habits, and behaviours adapt and the reasons why.

When organising a community, engagement is key. At Zest, we believe this comes from relationships that we can form. Communities run all year round, but the build up to seasonal occasions can be particularly valuable to learn how your audiences are preparing and behaving.

If you're interested in delving into the finer details of your target audience and their behaviours, a community is for you. Chat with Zest directly to find out what community we can create for you.

Have You Heard of the Score?

One of the longest running communities we are involved in is called The Score. The client Kokoro were challenged with better understanding and reporting the mood of the nation as COVID unfolded. Through first-hand accounts and selfie videos we brought the feelings of the UK to a global audience. One of the highlights of this case study is our respondent retention, with many of the community working with us since the first day, back in 2020!

You can read more about it on the page: The Score Video Community

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