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The magical world of chocolate

Chocolate. Wonderful, delicious chocolate. The ultimate comfort at the end of a long day. A best friend that offers non-judgemental comfort and happiness.

Originating from Ancient Mesoamerica (present day Mexico) from cacao plants, chocolate has been with us for over 4,000 years (or so Google tells me!). In all its years chocolate has developed into what is now an impressive booming industry with a jaw dropping number of variations. From dark to milk, and crunchy to soft, the endless number of choices are limitless. The world is not our oyster, but a Willy Wonka factory filled with sweet delights.

So how is there so much success in such a saturated industry? How does a company launch a new product or even keep an old favourite popular? Understanding your customer and your product is essential.

For the last year Zest have been managing a confectionary IHUT (in home user test) with a fantastic community of product testers. The lucky participants receive a selection of yummy chocolates based products straight to their door to give feedback on! (They really took a lot of convincing 😉)!

Using this method can be effective in gathering more authentic opinions from respondents in their natural habitat where they would ordinarily consume chocolate.

Receiving feedback and making tweaks and continuing this process over an extended amount of time with the same respondents, can help to develop great quality products. Also hopefully delivering me several new chocolate best friends!

If you need any advice or information on a IHUT project, please do not hesitate to contact us on


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