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Come back stronger – transform bored people into your secret weapon

So, in just three weeks, Covid-19 has pretty much stopped the globe turning. Our world has shrunk to the space enclosed by our own four walls.

While those working in healthcare, supermarkets and delivery services have never been busier, many other sectors (including the world of research) have almost ground to a halt.

However, over the last fortnight, we've noticed that 'smart brands' have got busy with in-home product testing. They've spotted two things:

  • people crave distraction now and so make exceptional research participants

  • brands can now find out as much in a few weeks as in a year of 'normal' life

In short, they can get better and faster results. This is true whether they're testing household appliances, tech products, new foods or toys.

We all know that the nation will be forever thankful to those risking their lives on the front line of the fight against the virus, and deservedly so. One day, though not a life and death battle, business will have to lead the recovery. The world economy and the well-being of billions will depend on ordinary people getting things back on track.

Great products - glamorous, inventive or simply useful - sit at the heart of great business (think AirPods, Zoom, Patak's curry sauces, Dyson hoovers, Glossier skincare) - and we can help you make yours even better.

We've re-engineered every step in the research journey to ensure we keep our clients, participants and colleagues safe.

Our work will mobilise people around the UK. We're ready to help you enlist the support of exactly those you want to reach.

Get in touch.

Above is Jade, one of our Senior Project Managers, having prepared a recent batch of test products.


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