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Did the veggie burger meat expectations?

Plant based food has recently been at the centre of a lot of conversations, and oh boy does it bring a wide array of opinions, arguments, and accusations. People stand strong in their food paths.

Meat eaters will argue it is the way of the world, the natural cycle of life and that essential minerals and vitamins we need come from meat.

Vegetarians (or any other variation of dietary labels that involve cutting out animal products, fish, dairy etc.) could argue it is kinder to the environment as well as saving animals’ lives.

Regardless of where you stand, the rise of the vegetarian has opened a whole new market for meat replicas. The market is fast being saturated and as options increase it is essential to stand out.

Burgers are a very popular food in the UK and one people feel passionately about. People will not settle for any old burger. It has to lure you in, smell sensational and taste exquisite.

So how do plant based burgers compete and can ingredients such as the trusted bean transform into a burger and win the hearts of the nation.

Zest recently conducted a blind taste test with over 100 respondents in London, helping a client to fine tune their bean burger recipes. Watching the reactions of our taste testers was insightful on it’s own, but of course the data that was recorded helped paint a fuller picture. Not only insightful and productive but a fun day for all!

setting the scene at the blind trial (covid safe of course!)

Blind taste trials are great way for testing the raw opinions of taste. Minimise bias and boost the validity of the outcome. As tastes and trends continue to grow and adapt so must businesses to stay ahead of that curve.

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