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Social etiquette after covid, has it changed?

Do I wear a mask? Is there a one-way system? Should I stand back? Are hugs a thing still?

As if general etiquette didn’t arise enough questions on how to behave in different social settings (especially the unfamiliar) now we must compete with covid etiquette.

Everyone seems to be at different stages; some partying at sweaty raves amongst large groups and others still cautiously entering the supermarket with a mask and gloves to pick up a loaf of bread.

Now rules are relaxing, and different areas seem to be adopting different systems it has left this massive dull grey cloud of confusion. Quite frankly it seems to be increasing social anxiety amongst a herd of people that have spent over a year in the house working their way through Netflix and treats.

This in turn is having massive effects on customer experiences, spending and habits. So how as a business do you know what target audiences want? What has changed forever and what is here to stay? And how as a business do you adapt to cater for the differing standpoints?

Customer insight is as important as ever, in this ever-changing environment, which challenges previous behaviours, thoughts and etiquettes.

Reaching customers online can give you a good broad read of how people are feeling, but after a year dominated by virtual living is this the right approach?

Face to face research can offer timely ‘in the moment’ feedback but needs a good look at processes and etiquettes to make sure customers feel comfortable.

If you would like to explore the best way to speak to your customers and gain a deeper understanding of how they are feeling please contact


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