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The perfect brew: how do you have your tea?

Milk no sugar please love! Builder’s tea for me. Oat milk if you have it. As sugary as can be and let’s not get into herbal delights.

As a nation built on tea, we take our preferences very seriously. So much so that if the wrong tea is presented to us, it can be pushed to one side, sent back and rejected. Personally, I will rarely trust a soul to make my tea, with the stakes being too high on disappointment. As a result, it is no surprise that there has been a rise in specialist kettle sales, with a real focus on temperature-controlled kettles.

As a tea lover (including the wonderful realm of herbal tea), I was surprised to only learn recently about temperature-controlled kettles and their wonders. My first thought was “Why is such a technical creation needed?”, however following a dig I have established two key benefits:

Not forcing water to reach boiling point every time unnecessarily saves energy! Subsequently reducing negative effects on the environment and your bills.

Secondly, when brewing specific teas controlling the temperature can encourage the best flavour. With Green Tea favouring water around 80 degrees, whilst Black Tea prefers 90-98.

When a product trial for one of these variable temperature kettles came into the office, I couldn’t help but be thrilled. To be able to get further insight into how people used the product and what they thought, to me, is something of interest. Anything for a better brew.

Over the course of 4 weeks, respondents were able to trial and test the functions of a temperature-controlled kettle. This is a very useful way of gathering vital information on prototypes for the kettle to be developed to be the best of the best. Establishing quality and a point of difference for an ever-growing market.

If you are interested in joining potential future tea trials (if another one pops along) please join our panellists on:

If you are interested in discussing product trials with our team please email:


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