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Zest – The Ultimate Character Development

Back in 2019 when we were still FieldFirst, Zest OG Stuart realised that neither our name nor our brand fully summed up everything that we were and stood for. It didn’t show off the freshness, energy or enthusiasm at the heart of how the team operated, and he realised a rebrand was called for.

You see, there comes a time when as a company you need to take a good look at yourself and your values. What makes you special? What are the best ways of letting people know about your amazing services? How do you stand out

from the crowd? How are you remembered? The list could go on forever.

Although this process sounds easy, it can be hard to self-review; especially when the workload is high and there are approximately 2,387 emails in your inbox. However, taking a good step back can lead to two very full strides forward (or in our case, a cheerful hop skip and a jump!).

Having taken this much needed step back, FieldFirst as we were previously known, was corporate vanilla to say the least. Whilst it was clear, concise and to the point, it was also rather boring considering that we as a team have so much personality.

This idea of showing our personality blossomed into to our rebranding as ‘Zest’ - Seamless fieldwork for refreshing insight.

Passion is at the heart of what we do, and this rebrand allowed us to really show this to our loyal client base, new clients, and all our brilliant fieldworkers.

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